My name is Kathy Matta and I've been traveling and studying in China for the past 25 years. Sixteen of those years have been studying and making my art work with a very rare material known as Chinese natural lacquer; the actual sap from the lacquer tree. This process that you see in the fish is called bodiless lacquer and I am the only person who has ever used it to make fish.

Studying this form of art is very rigorous and time consuming; up to a year to make one piece. In addition, there is a skin allergy associated with working with the sap, similar to poison ivy. It hasn't been easy learning this and sometimes living in very uncomfortable conditions.

I am one of the few lacquer artists who work with the raw material because of the time and expense of the materials. It’s time I bring my art work back to Alaska to educate about this rare and dying medium.

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